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It's all about the people. At Janet Best Hair Design we always invest in the best and that includes our team members who are all qualified and trained to the highest standards, whether you are looked after by a Stylist or Creative Director you can be sure you will receive a great service (which we 100% guarantee).

Complimentary consultations for all our services are available by appointment and more good news!... we offer a FREE FRINGE TRIM SERVICE in between your salon appointments.

Glam Nails and Beauty are located on the first floor with three luxurious treatment rooms offering the ultimate in relaxation and comfort for all your beauty needs.


JB price list

Ladies Colouring (does not include Styling, All prices are from)
A Skin Test is required 48 hours prior to colour service

Balayage £51.50
Balayage T - Section £45.00
Balayage & Ombre £54.50
Ombre £52.50
Full Head £42.00
Roots £31.50
Semi Permanent £29.50
Full Head Foils £52.00
Half Head Foils £45.00
T Section Foils £31.50
Roots & T Section Foils £42.00
Roots & Half Head Foils £50.00
Colour Correction: Price on Complimentary Consultation

Ladies Styling (all prices are from)

Service Director Senior Stylist Stylist
Cleanse, Condition, Cut & Finish £39.50 £34.00 £28.00
Restyle £46.50 £41.00 £33.00
Wet/dry Cut £26.50 £23.00 £20.00
Cleanse, Condition & Finish £18.50 £16.00 £14.00

Mens Styling (All prices are from)

Service Director Senior Stylist Stylist
Cut Only £21.00 £18.00 £15.50
Cut & Finish £24.00 £20.50 £18.00
Colour exc Cut & Finish £26.50 £23.00 £20.00
Colour inc Cut & Finish £46.00 £39.50 £32.00
All Over Clippers Only £10.50 £9.00 £8.00
Perms (includes Cleanse, Condition, Cut & Finish £55.00 - £67.00

Special Occasions (All prices are from)

Tong/Curling Only £17.00
Hair Up £31.00
Bridal Hair Up £43.00

Children (All prices are from)

Please note, due to limited appointment availability, we only provide children’s hair services if parents are regular clients at this salon

Babies (Under 12 Months) £8.00
Under 10 - Cut Only £15.00
Under 14 - Cut Only £17.50
Under 14 - Cut & Finish £24.00


Nioxin Dermabrasion £15.00
Alchemy £15.00
Liquid Hair £15.00
Mask £8.00
Express £8.00
Elastic Force £8.00
Hair Extensions:
Price on Complimentary Consultation
Single Hair Extensions £5.00
Full Head £399.00
Ladies Colouring (does not include Styling)
A Skin Test is required 48 hours prior to colour service

Glam within Janet Best

Hi, my name is Sue, I'm the Senior Beauty Therapist and Nail Technician at Glam Nails and Beauty. I have 15 years experience within the beauty industry and 9 years in teaching for the beauty and Nail educational industry.
I specialise in all aspects of Natural Nail Care and Enhancement Nail Technology, with a passion for creating custom nail art designs.
Morroccan TanCND ShellacGel
It is our mission at Glam Nails and Beauty Salon to provide our clients with the highest degree of customer service in a professional and unique setting. We are committed to performing treatments exceptionally well and continually strive to improve ourselves in the areas of education in our skills. We also challenge ourselves to develop new skills that will improve our services. We continually search the industry market place for the newest technology and products in order to provide our clients the best in this profession.
All our products are market brand leader within our industry and are highest quality and for professional use only. CND™shellac, CND™liquid & powder, Nail Harmony®Gelish, Nail Harmony ProHesion®Acrylic, Lecentè® and Magpie Beauty Glitters, Moroccan Tan®, Waxsperts®, Swarovski Crystals etc.