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Your Nioxin treatment programme will start by using the latest technology, the Nioscope, to assess your hair and scalp.

The Nioscope magnifies the scalp 200 times, allowing the technician to look out for:

• Areas of irritation

• Sebum build

• Debris

• Closed hair follicles

• Finer hair strands

• Broken hair strands

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Balmain and Halo Hair Extensions

Lust for long luscious locks but your hair isn't quite there yet?
Hair extensions aka hair additions can also give you thickness, volume and chemical free colour. We also offer temporary clip in hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs.
As one of Wakefield's most experienced extensions hairdressers with over 25 years working with the best brands in the business, you can choose from Balmain Hair Couture and Halo to bring you the hairstyles of your dreams with the highest quality hair on the market.
Our salon team includes certified hair extension experts who will work with you on whichever service you desire. Every client is custom colour matched in order to ensure that the most natural blend is achieved.

Halo Hair Extensions Now Available

The quickest and simplest way to give your hair a dramatic boost in length and volume! High-quality, natural-looking human hair extensions fit perfectly thanks to an adjustable miracle wire. Simply place the halo on your head, pull your own hair through and over the miracle wire, brush the extensions through to blend with your hair, and you'll soon see why the Halo has won awards for its design.

Balmain hair extensions

Balmain Hair Extensions

We use two types of Balmain Hair Extensions in-salon which are pre-bonded individuals & wefts.
The individual bonds are great for clients who want multi-tonal colour, ideal for those with highlights, lowlights & fashion colours. They also fall so naturally & move just like real hair.
The wefts are great if you have block colour & would like to add length and volume.
All Balmain hair is 100% human hair & you can do exactly the same thing with Balmain Hair extensions as you can do with your own hair. You can colour & style it with heat, just like real hair. Even when you wash Balmain hair it kinks & waves just like real human hair would & looks so effective. There's not much you can't do with Balmain hair extensions.
Balmain are the only hair extensions with a 6 month guarantee & once clients have had them they very rarely stop having them re-done.
Professional extensions are completely harmless to your hair and extensions are available to be fitted with a range of techniques. For those of you still only considering making the move over to extensions, Balmain hair is available as clip in wefts which can be bonded to the hair at a later stage if you want the look permanently.
Before you commit to hair extensions, our Balmain certified stylist will carry out an in depth consultation with you to make sure they are the best choice for you. We give detailed advice on how to care for your new hair and encourage you to book your next follow up appointment to ensure your extensions have a long life.

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